How to use a vibrator right?

With a vibrator each woman can bring beautiful, sparkly or relaxing minutes to hours. However, some women dare zoom out of ignorance of the correct application not quite to the little friends. Therefore, here is the ultimate guide to the pleasurable vibrator use.

a vibrator gift

Vibrators were originally used for medicinal purposes: In 1900 they were hysterical women relax and cure.

Which model is right for the beginning?

The selection of vibrators on the market is almost unmanageable. They come in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. One can freely invest a lot of money and conveniently order the good pieces the Internet anonymously. choose the right one is not easy for newcomers. But there are a few points to which one can hold on to.

With the size beginners should not overdo it dear. It is anyway rather skillfully used vibration than on pure length or diameter. Studs and grooves in turn may amount to electrifying accents. Votes are also extensions, for example, massaging the G-spot or the clitoris.

Another decision before you is, is the usability.

The more switches or buttons, the device has, the harder it is to catch even the right button just before the peak. It seems little loss promotional, when you get off the vibrator accidentally.

Meanwhile you have the choice of battery-powered vibrators and such, the rechargeable batteries. The latter are of course advantageous if they are used frequently. One should also remember to recharge the good piece, before you’re enjoying then only with sufficient lead. After all, be the loading time up to six hours.

Vibrators’m made of various materials of silicone on glass and metal to plastic.

The choice of a particular material depends entirely on your own preference – some may prefer soft-soft silicone, others find cold, hard metal only really exciting.

One advantage medical silicone in any case: It is that of all available materials, which can cause the least allergies. If you are sensitive to this area, you should therefore prefer to pick up the medical silicone.

In the mold there are totally different models.

Recommended, and since her appearance in Sex and the City and women around the world extremely popular, are called Rabbit vibrators, each with a large, ergonomically shaped shaft to stimulate the G-spot and a shorter, second massage head, the optional clitoris or the anus spoiled.

A good model for both beginners and advanced is the Palm of MOQQA that there is to be specified when Amorelie. It offers ease of use with an illuminated keypad, so that one always gets the right program in a darkened bedroom. The shape with the two massage heads is ergonomically designed so that at the same time the G-Punk and either the clitoris or anus, according to personal preference, can be fueled. There are several vibration modes of slowly and gently to the explosive booster that still gives each peak an extra kick. Moreover, this little friend is waterproof, you can wash off easily or so make a bubble bath to an erotic experience it so. The Palm can be charged virtually via USB and boasts long battery life. The aesthetically pleasing design reduces, especially for beginners, any fear of contact. Conveniently, the device is also extremely quiet.

Turquoise rings for men and women

Find the perfect turquoise ring for your love

Engagement Rings: Spoilt for choice. Actually, it could be simply because is anything goes. Even better would be if the ring has a special history and recalls a shared experience is. In short, with our tips you’ll get the perfect engagement ring determines a bit closer. Turquoise rings have a long tradition.

 Engagement rings from A to Z:

The perfect engagement ring: Whether with or without diamond, whether classically simple or ornate antique and whether gold or silver – there are a number of different engagement rings. Mainly the engagement ring corresponds to the idea of the bride. Just how and where do you find that? And how does woman clear her husband, which ring she has dreamed of? We have a few good tips on how to successfully selects from the variety of engagement rings. Turquoise rings are a great gift. Choosing the right ring can lay the foundation for a great engagement and eventually a lasting marriage.

Select Engagement Rings: Which ring is the engagement ring?

Basically, of course, when it comes to engagement rings: The main thing he likes. Whether it is a sinfully expensive diamond ring simple silver ring from the favorite jeweler or antique Fundstück from the flea market, mainly the engagement ring comes from the heart and likes.

Classic engagement rings, as are common, especially in the USA, however, wearing a diamond and are gefertig of gold, white gold or platinum. We show you how to choose the right engagement ring and what to look at engagement rings with diamonds.

Engagement rings with diamonds: The cut (Cut)

Engagement rings must be lush? A thick diamond does not make a perfect engagement ring! And the value of a diamond is calculated not solely from the size and color of the stone. Rather, it comes from on the ground of stone, because the causes of the diamond sparkles only really. How much a diamond is worth, depends very much on how perfect he is sanded. A good cut ensures that the incident light is optimally reflected and brings sparkles the stone in all colors.

turquoise engagement rings

Whether as an engagement ring now chooses a round or oval diamonds is a matter of personal taste. The form, whether classical brilliant cut hip drop form, does not say anything about the value and price of a diamond ring.

The shapes in engagement rings: a distinction is generally between brilliant cut (full cut), emerald-cut (emerald cut), teardrop (Pear Shape), turnip (Marquise), Oval and Princess. Very rarely one finds meanwhile also “fashionable” touches as the romantic heart shape.